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Support spiritual community as a community or church

UNUM24 can only succeed with the support of many communities, churches, spiritual communities from all Christian denominations.

What do we expect from our supporters?

The heart of the supporters is to seek unity in the Body of Christ and oneness with the Spirit of God.

Supporters support UNUM24 not only practically, but above all in prayer.

Here you can find the detailed vision of UNUM24.

What do we offer? 

Upon request, supporters will receive advertising packages from UNUM24, with flyers and posters to publicize and promote the conference.

Supporters are regularly informed by UNUM24 about news and the ongoing organization.

If desired, we can provide people from the sponsoring group to personally introduce UNUM24 on site during church services, leadership meetings, etc.

UNUM24 graphics package

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Do you want to become a supporter?

Please fill out the form below.

The UNUM24 team will contact you!

God bless you for your help!

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